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Joanie in the Sky with Diamonds

Well, there is no point in saying I won't write anything new, because basically I will anyway. No matter how much time I lack, there's always some time for some Bob/Joan stories. However, this time you should bring your tissues, because the storyline is pretty sad. And with sad, I mean really sad :( Don't feel dicouraged to read on though. I'm happy about comments and suggestions ;)

Title: Joanie in the sky with Diamonds (well, yeah I don't care what John has to say about the title)
Pairing: Joan/Bob
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Well, I always thought about possible explanations for their break-up. I guess, this could be one of them.
Disclaimer: Beware; this story is highly fictional and derives from my vivid imagination only. Nothing of the described as ever happened. I don't own anything and make no money. thanks.

(This was the price that she had to pay to be sober. The colour of pain, the sound of pain, etched clearly in her head...
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